If the Avengers did Frozen

I don’t even know how this got started, but I find it to be pretty entertaining. The creative mind never rests, even while sending text messages.

K- *tap tap* Bucky? Please, I know you’re in theeeeeere.
L – I’ve been wondering where you’ve been…I saw you fall from the train…into the deep valley…please let me in
K- We only have each other, from way back wheeeeeeeen, how are we going to liiiiiiiive?
L- Do you want to fight some battles? Doesn’t have to be a battle…but I’m on your left.
L- Hehehehe
K- Loki? Who let you in?
L- Do you want to hear something crazy? All my life has been a series of Thor in my face and like suddenly I have found a way
K- I was thinking the same thing, like I’ve been searching my recent life to control my horrid rage, and maybe its the battle raging, or the people screaming…
L- Say goodbye to the pain of the past! We don’t have to feel it anymore, Hulk! Power’s an open doooooooor
K- Power is an open doooOOOOOOooooor *hulk smash*
L- hahahaha. Hulk runs out the door, find himself alone. “Green grass in the meadow tonight…not a footprint to be seen…a kingdom of isolation…and it looks like I’m the king…The rage is growing like a brewing storm inside…
K- Couldn’t keep it in, the Avengers know I’ve triiiiied. Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, be the good doctor Banner you’re meant to be
L- Conceal don’t feel don’t like the anger shooooow. Let it go…let it go…don’t hold Hulk back anymore…Let it go (smash!)
K- Let it go…the perfect man is goooone. Let the rage churn oooooon!!!
L- I’ve always been angry anyway.
L- In his town as Hulk is dancing in the meadow: “Technology is better than people, Jarvis don’t you think that’s true?
K- Yeah people are petty and stupid and sad. Every one of them’s bad except you, sir.
K – But people malfunction less than technology, Jarvis don’t you think I’m right?
L- That’s not always true, especially with you.
L- Jarvis shut up and turn off the lights
K- Goodnight, sir.
K- I said shut up.
L- Don’t let a virus biiiiite.

Mischief Managed

When Friends Text – Olympic Edition

So the Olympics are happening and its wonderful.

Katie – Also!! HAPPY OLYMPICS DAY!!!!! 


Lauren – 🙂 😀 😀 🙂 *celebration emojis*  I never feel more American than on Olympics weeks/Independence Day

Katie – I’ll have to take some pictures of Sven so Katie can see when we rescue her. 




Lauren – Hahaha.  I love the Winter Olympics so much.

Katie – Me too!  I love the skating and ice racing and skiing and bobsledding.  Love love.

Lauren – Do you remember that time Katie and Lauren ran into the forest with a wolfman?? 


I mean, what were they thinking?


We used to be so naive


I just wish that woman had got to him sooner…


I wonder if Katie’s on THIS mountain?

Katie – Hahahahahahahaha.  I met a girl named Katie on the mountain.  I wonder if it’s the same girl?  Nah.  Probably not.  JEAH.


Lauren – Hahahaha.  “She was hawt”


Lauren – Hahaha



We’ll find her!

Katie – Ahahahaha Evan and Shawn!  

I’m ready, let’s go! 


Lauren – Ha!!

Katie – Will this be warm enough?


Lauren – 






Mischief Managed.