Bluemont: Tales of Apt 2

Monica and I really need to record our memories of living in Apt 2 before old age and senility take over, but that tale is for another time I believe.

Tonight, I want to focus on one thing about living in that apartment. Whilst living in said Apt 2, Katie would come over, and we would come up with racehorse names (like Lady Katauren), drink Rosa and/or put on a movie. Sometimes they were deep movies, like Blood Diamond (Strangely, we were making our Halloween Costumes at the time. I don’t know why that became our ‘background’ entertainment…What can I say, we’re complex people.) Sometimes we watched comedies like Monsters vs. Aliens…and Twilight. But my favorite memories are from watching Mama Mia and Bride and Prejudice because both of those inspired us to get up and flail around the room like we were Broadway stars. What magnificence! What emotion that can be conveyed through the twist and extension of an arm!

I will never forget those nights. So Katie, this next video is dedicated to you:

Live long and dance on!