When Friends Text – Hippo edition

Whilst browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a picture of Lauren from her days as a hippo trainer.  The picture won’t display on the blog for some reason but it’s a black and white photo depicting a hippo standing, jaws flung open, while a woman stands next to him, looking very solemn.  This is the conversation that followed.

Katie – I found you! *sends picture*

Lauren – it IS me!!

Katie – Hippo Trainer! hahaha I love it.

Lauren – Yes!

Katie – You’d probably be standing closer to it though.  Leaning against a tusk.

Lauren – I would take one pic inside the mouth.  But not for long because I wouldn’t want to gag Tubby.

Katie – You could lie across it sideways.  Strike a pose.

Lauren – Tubby and my relationship is all built off trust.  Mutual trust. 

Katie – Yeah.  It would have to be I think

Lauren – Gasp.  It?? Tubby is a boy!

Katie – IM SORRY

Lauren – He is sensitive.

Katie – *sends “oops” gif*

Lauren – It’s okay.  He can battle through misunderstandings.  He relates well to the dwarves of Middle Earth and the confusion.

Then suddenly the conversation turned into an interview.  Lauren came on the Katie show to discuss training methods when dealing with Hippos. 

Katie – Wow.  Did you train him to be so understanding? Or is that just in his nature?

Lauren – Well, I would to claim that…but really, it’s Tubby who trained me.

Katie – That’s beautiful.  So tell us, did you find Tubby as a calf, or were you brought together later in life?

Lauren – He had come from a long line of abusive relationships.

Katie – Bless his heart.  So I’m assuming he was very wild and aggressive when you met?

Lauren – It was tumultuous.  At times he was down and depressed.  He’d lost a lot of weight.

Katie – Oh dear.  Was he ever violent?

Lauren – Never towards me.  Well, once he lashed out at me, but it was a flashback from when he was in the wild. He grovelled profusely afterward.

Katie – What was your most successful training technique you used with him?

Lauren – Well we would get in the Missouri River together and swim…so figure each other out.  And then other days we’d go on long walks in the woods.  One day he even let me ride him.

Katie – That’s fascinating.  Do you ride him often then?

Lauren – Some days, but not for show.  That’s between us.

Katie – This is such a beautiful and uplifting story!  What would you like for our listeners to take away from it?

Lauren – Never judge a book by its cover.  And you can overcome your past.  And world peace.

Katie – *sniffs and wipes a tear* Thank you for sharing.   I’m sure you and Tubby will be great advocates for wold peace. And of course people will be inspired to better themselves because of you!

Lauren – No, thank YOU Katherine Cavill doe giving us this segment.  You’re creating an avenue for charge.

Katie – *cheesy grins at the camera*  Join us next week as Monica brings her raccoon to the show and talks about the difficulty of overcoming stereotypes.  Lauren, you are more than welcome to come back for that if you wish.

Lauren – Oh absolutely! Maybe this time Tubby will accompany me.

Katie – We would love that.  He’s welcome any time!

And that’s it, folks.  Hope you learned something from the touching story of Lauren and Tubby!


Mischief Managed.


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