A study in emotion – Sherlock and Watson spend a weekend together.

Over Labor Day, 3P and I spent the most nerdy weekend together and it was the greatest thing.  We’d been long overdue for a reunion and it just so happened that Dragon con was happening the weekend I wanted to come, so we decided it was fate, bought our badges, and partook in some geektastic things.ImageImage

Once we got our badges, we were unstoppable.  On Saturday we donned out geek chic Doctor Who shirts for a photo and a cuddle with the one and only John Barrowman aka Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who.  It was awesome and he’s more fantastic and beautiful in real life.  Photos dull the Barrowman glow.Image

We visited the Walk of Fame on both Saturday and Sunday and got to meet some really neat people.

James Marsters was a treat. It was odd to see him without his Spike-blond hair, but his cheekbones are still amazing, and he’s plenty sassy.  He was really nice, chatted with us for a bit, and told us (3P) we were beautiful. You have to be sneaky when taking photos, so the quality on the rest of these isn’t great.Image

Another fun person to meet was Noel Clarke who plays Mickey on Doctor Who and was in the new Star Trek (1 away from Benedict!).  He was really cool and funny and we managed to convince him to giver us free hugs.  Let it be known that he is a good hugger.


When I was young, I would watch Star Trek with my dad, so getting to meet Counselor Troi and Warf and see Data and Sulu was amazing.  Marina Sirtis, who played Troi, was the sweetest woman.  We talked for a few minutes and she told me to tell dad he succeeded at parenting (I did and he was really really exited). Michael Dorn, Worf, was also very cool.  I wish I could have met Brent Spiner and George Taiki, but seeing them was pretty awesome.



I made teenage Katie veeery happy by meeting Ioan Gruffudd.  He is a handsome, handsome man, and props to 3P for managing to even get a picture with the security lady standing next to her.


Next to Ioan was Kelly Hu who played Deathstrike on XMen.  So it was cool to see her and then tell Bek about it since Bek named her hamster after the character.


We went to a Dollhouse panel which was hilarious and now I have another show that I want to watch.  On the panel was Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, and Miracle Laurie.


I did Brooke a favor and met Liam McIntyre from the show Sparticus.  I’d never seen it, but she loves it so I decided to be a good friend and meet him.  Lucy Lawless (Xena the warrior princess wooo) was sitting next to him which was cool. But he was really nice and told me to send Brooke his love and give her a hug for him.  She was overjoyed when I told her.


People watching was the greatest.  There are some amazing/insane/dedicated cosplayers out there.  Here’s a snippet of what we saw.

Leia and her father enjoying some light reading, some Star Wars guys, Merlin, Thor and Loki, a few Doctors, Mario and Catwoman, a small Frodo, Jack Skellington, and a Batman who lead us from one hotel to another.



And that was Dragon Con.  It was amazing and so much fun.  I fully plan on going again.


But the nerd fun didn’t end there!  On Monday we took a tour of where the show The Vampire Diaries is filmed.  Unfortunately they weren’t filming while we were there, but it was still really neat to see where everything is filmed.  Covington is a precious little town and has some yummy ice cream.

Chillin at Elena’s house


And at the Mystic Grill


And the Lockwood Mansion which was seriously breathtaking.



And that was it! Nerdiest weekend ever and I loved every minute of it.  Couldn’t have asked for a better companion than my Sherlock and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!


Mischief Managed


Eternal Perspective

“What are you supposed to be doing? Who are you waiting for?”

“No one, I have a car…I have things I could be doing, I suppose, but you guys are more important.”

Hesitation, then softly, “Thank you for saying that.”


Everyone desires to be important and to be cherished. There are those who want to be famous and important in that way, but for most of us, we just want to matter to someone in a more personal way. This past Sunday has been one of my favorite days in Zimbabwe (though, if I’m being honest, I probably have twenty “top five” days). After having tea for Pastor Bonnie’s birthday, I decided to head to Connections, but along the way, I saw a group of the orphans from Ivordale. Every time I have seen them around the Centre, I have chatted with them because I have not been able to get out to Ivordale except for once while I have been here. I asked Diana how she was doing, and she told me she was fine but bored. Of course, my mind spun with ways we could fix this problem, and I settled on “I Spy.” Keith, Diana, and I began to play and the next thing I knew, the whole group of kids had joined in. The game transitioned to Marco Polo, and the kids had so much energy, which led us outside to play tag and an epic game of hide and seek.

Later after going inside, we sang Celebration songs and danced and such. Then the above conversation happened with Kundai, a new friend of mine and a girl who has lived in the orphanage since her infancy. My heart breaks when I think of the gratefulness in her tone of voice when all I did was say I wanted to be with them and they were important. What makes me even more sad is that I was the only one there to say it.

What is great about Celebration Ministries International is that they are not satisfied with just being a church and a ministry. They desire to reform the nations through living out Kingdom principles in everything from family life to businesses. Compassion Ministries has fantastic mother figures set in place for these orphans, and there are men who take the time to spend with the children and help out where they are needed.

These children are blessings. They are funny. They are smart. They have great memories (when they are invested.) They are beautiful. And they are loved. They know this from specific people who take the time to love on them, mentor them, and speak into their lives, but why was I the only one there? And I wouldn’t have even been there had I not seen them, made sure to remember their names, and gone over to say hello. I had planned on just returning to my house and either taking a nap, writing, or watching a movie.

James 1:27 says this: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Pastor Tom talked the other day on eternal thinking. There is so much more I can be doing to live a less selfish life. Watching a movie is fine, taking time to read a book is fine, writing a story or a blog is fine. But my challenge to myself is this: how can I also be living with an eternal perspective, living outside of myself and molding the world around me, rather than allowing myself to be molded by the world and its temporal opinions and fleeting emotions?


JoJo, Jennifer, Jethro, and Olga