Impossible Forgiveness

High Circle: Impossible Forgiveness Campaign


Pastor Winnie Kanoyangwa is an extraordinary woman whom I have quickly grown to admire. In 1976 she and her husband were forced at gun point to drive across a mined road by soldiers, acting as a human shield, during the Liberation War. Pastor Winnie’s husband was killed, but she somehow survived though her body has been forever maimed as she lost her right arm, eye, and kneecap. Yet, despite this event and the constant reminder, she walks in forgiveness of those who wronged her. Let’s take it a step further: she now goes into the prisons and ministers to the very people who wronged her.

C:Media is involved in directing and producing a movie telling this woman’s story, and I believe it is one that desperately needs to be told in this unforgiving world. Please go to the site and vote for their movie to be funded, so that others may be blessed and inspired by Pastor Winnie.



So I went to the Borrowdale Racetrack in Harare a couple Fridays ago to watch a friend ride some of the horses her husband is training. I had a blast testing out my camera since I haven’t had one in a few years. Here is an example of what came out.

Am I loving Africa? Yes.