Reader problems – Mandy and Katie Sedai

Now for the texts that Mandy and I exchanged. It’s ridiculous that these are just a TINY sample of how many texts we actually sent.

Katie – DAVID IS DONE. WHAT. I’m so scared to read. Like, I’m dying to read it but also dreading it. Wah.
Mandy – Yeah, haha. I’m feeling the same


Mandy – I’m still tearful. ___ is crying haha
Katie – I love it. I just. ___ fell before her. Staggered over and fell. Love.
Mandy – He laughed. ___ Laughed!
Katie – I know! More teary eyes from Katie hahaha. I could picture it perfectly
Mandy – Me too. If only ___ had appeared beside him. I would have lost it.

Happy tears for once!

Katie – I’m on pg. 230 with Elayne. Boo. Poor me.
Mandy – 188 with Elayne. Poor us.
Katie – Man. Well at least we’re suffering together.

Hahaha Elayne isn’t our fave.

Mandy – I agree haha. I love ___ too. But if he’s going to die, I couldnt stand the grief.
Mandy – I know I know I know. But I must be prepared.

…again, reading probz.

Katie – I. Bah. I need you to be where I am so we can discuss what I just freaking read
Mandy – Text brother!
Katie – I did

Apparently I was traumatized by something

Katie – I’d definitely be green ajah
Mandy – Yellow
Katie – Healer! That makes sense
Mandy – ___’s an idiot
Katie – Yes. What’s he doing?
Katie – And he hides it from ___. Idiot
Mandy – He’s stupid

___ was NOT feeling the love this day

Katie – Somehow. Seeing this. The fact that I’m actually here. It brought tears to my eyes. I almost don’t want to even read it. I’m terrified for what it could say. *Pic of a chapter*
Mandy – My stomach dropped reading that. It’s like entering our own Shayol Ghul
Katie – Seriously!! That’s a perfect description ugh. I’m stopping there for tonight.
Mandy – Well sweet dreams for tomorrow you enter uncharted worlds of sadness.

Comforting, yes?

Mandy – Oh no no…no way
Katie – WHAT
Mandy – ___
Katie – RIGHT


Katie – I just went to open my book, saw the chapter, got a womp feeling, and shut the book hahaha
Mandy – Haha. I don’t blame you at all. Not one bit
Katie – Lke, I think my heart is beating faster……
Mandy – How close are you to the ending
Katie – 2 chapters and the epilogue. Angst and sadness. I can’t belive I’m almost done.
Mandy – oh goodness. Too close…too close….
Haha are you at work?
Katie – yes and CRYING. Haha. It’s embarrassing
Mandy – Oh Katie hahaha
Katie – Just you wait!
Mandy – Eek!

I love that books can evoke emotion like this. For reals.

Katie – Finished
Mandy – Oh…whoa… Forever…
Katie – I hate it. Not the book, but the fact that when I closed the book I felt like I was saying bye to all my friends
Mandy – Aw Katie. I just teared up for you. Oh that breaks my heart….Haha more tears haha
Katie – 😦 😦 CRY ALL THE TEARS hahaha
……. It’s so sad. I went to grab my book and then remembered that I finished 😦
Mandy – What an awful feeling. I’m dreading that day. It’s so close. I had such a terrible dream last night that the epilogue began right after what I just read which was ____ getting ready to fight ___. And it had no closure and everyone I loved died. And then it was over. I hated it. …. Hahaha I know. I woke up and was like OMG I finished? And it sucked?! I was so upset. But then I woke up some more and was like, whoa okay, not done yet, THANK GOONDESS.”

My Mandy understands haha

Mandy – I feel like I’m going to puke. That one hurt so bad
Katie – And ___. I was horrified for her. …
Mandy – How much worse can it get…this is…so painful.
Katie – What happened?
Mandy – ___ Of all the people I wasnt worried about


Mandy – Rand sang on American Idol last night haha
Katie – Rand did? Haha
Mandy – Haha yes. A guy that looks just like him did. Except for his eyes. His eyes were ugly. But the rest of him was Rand. I’ll tae a pic!

Rand is talented, he surely is.

Mandy – ___. I’m so scared. But so awed. So awed.
Katie – ___ is amazing. Amazing
Mandy – I’m at the epilogue. I’m not ready.
Katie – Take a few minutes to breathe. And remember you’re reading Jordan’s words.
Mandy – I’m getting ready to……
Katie – May you find light and shade as you read.

When you say it twice, you really mean it.

And thats just a teeny tiny small bit of the texts we sent. This series was one of the best I’ve ever read, if not the best and I’m so glad I had Mandy Sedai to share it with!


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