The Kiddie Christmas Party Brawl.

This was a unique conversation because I was the messenger for a majority of it.  So basically Monica vs Brooke with Katie as interpreter.  I was trying to convince Monica that helping at a children’s Christmas party (parpy?) would be fun.  So I told her some people who would be there….

Monica – SAAAAAAANTA???!!  And whoa, T!!??…Christmas is gonna be early this year kids.  Oh, and Brooke too!  Of course I’d love to help!!

Katie – Brooke goes, Monica, I’m third on your list!  Don’t make me get hefty on you hunny! *snap* Hahaha

Monica – Oh I see your snap and I’ll raise you TWO…*snap snap SNAP*

Katie – Oh shooooot.  Brooke just did a neck roll.

Monica – Well I just did a belly roll.  Ooomm

Katie – Brooke says you win and you wouldn’t want to see her belly roll.

Monica – But I mean can she blame me?  All my dreams will come true all at once!  I’m gonna hop on Santa’s lap, point at T and say, “want.”    …..Strapping on my finger cymbals for a victory shimmy, neck roll, belly roll, and ching-a-ling.

Katie – Brooke says she’s going to hop on T’s lap, point at you and say, “I have!”  Booooom battle back on!

Monica – I just shimmy my way over there, roll and juggle around him and BAM!  Battle won.  Can’t resist these hips.  They don’t lie.

Katie – Brooke does not want to throw elbows at the kids Christmas party, bur she has no shame in her game.

Monica – Well if she wants to tickle me with her chicken wings that’s fine, but where I’m from, we let the fists do the talking.

Katie – She says, “I didn’t get kicked out of a basketball game when I was 13 if I didn’t know how to fight!” (Disclaimer, she’s not proud of this)

Monica – …Meanwhile, over on the sidelines, Katie has successfully wooed and stolen T.

Katie – And that’s how it’s done.  Boooom

Monica – The brawl will end (parents and children horrified , screaming, crying)…and Brooke and I will have no other choice but to team up and come after you!

Katie – But by this time, I’ll have T to fight for me….for us!

Monica – And the rest is history.

If the actual party is anything like that, it will be one that will be talked about for years and years I’m sure.

Mischief Managed.


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