Monica – Friend to the Squatches

Somehow in the course of a texting conversation, we started talking about Sasquatches.  Naturally.  And so the following conversation happened.

Katie – You’ll be the master!  TEACH THEM HOW TO SQUATCH!  It will be a good life skill for them.

Monica – There’s something in the pasture!!  I bet its a squatch…I know it has to be.  I should do some tree knocks.

Katie – AHHH a squatch!!!  Did you do some calls?

Monica – Not this time.  This time I just sat back and listened.

Katie – That’s probably wise.  I’m sure it could sense your presence and you not doing anything communicated friend to it.  I’m sure.

Monica – I told dad too and he thinks it was a good idea to sit and listen because that’s probably why no one ever sees them, they’re always being scared of by noise.

Katie – Agreed.  You took a big step forward with this guy.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Monica – Hopefully contact.  But I won’t push it.  Slow and steady.

Katie – That’s really very wise.  Perhaps he’ll let you see him next time.  Maybe he’ll knock a tree and point at you as if to say, that’s for you Monica, friend to the Squatches.

Monica – I’ll be like the Jane Goodall with squatches.

Katie – Documentaries will be made about you.

Monica – Oh I’m fully expecting the Nobel Prize for my work.

Katie – You totally should.  “Thank you for granting me this honor.  The money from this prize will go towards my Sasquatch Foundation which you are all aware of.  I think you and the Squatches thank you.”

Monica – If Obama can get one for doing nothing…you better believe I’ll get one, best him and bring dignity back to the name of Nobel!


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