Does anyone else have those days where it was probably better to just stay in bed? I usually don’t because I’m a fairly positive person, although I could not call myself “chipper.” (I almost did and my truthful eyeball squinted, which meant I was lying to myself.)

Bed was not even a safe haven for me today. Last night I could not sleep at all, nor could I toss and turn without fear of injury due to the fact that my hair has grown long enough to get caught between my body and the bed. It is amazing that no matter what I do, strands of hair nestle their way in the cracks and become sneaky traps of pain when I try to move.

This next part may not seem like a big deal to many people, but at the moment it was almost traumatic. I walked into the Rock today for Chapel and saw the meal line. I took my plate and made my way down the line, cringing at all the food that was set out before me. It wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful for the food. I really am grateful for the meals Pine Cove provides, but the food made me think of all the pounds I would be dragging along with me.

But really, if I’m to be completely honest with myself, I really, really just wanted a burger.

Anyway, I finished piling food onto my plate and walked toward the table I was going to sit at and saw out of the corner of my eye, a burger table. (Side note: my friend Micah turned at the exact moment and quoted my exact thoughts, “I didn’t even see this table!” He seemed just as devastated as I was.) I sat down at the table, defeated.

After Chapel, I said goodbye to my friends and walked out the doors. Now, I am one to look down while I walk because I have tripped too many times here at Pine Cove on the roots and random holes created by wash outs or moles. Looking down did not help me here. After about the fifth step, the heel on my boot caught on a step, and I pitched forward into the air as if I was taking flight. I landed on the mulch on my knees and knuckles, and for a moment I thought my right hand pinky knuckle was broken. Thankfully, it was not. Try explaining that to your boss and getting sympathy.

No one even saw it. Most people would rather a tumble be kept secret, but sometimes it makes me feel better knowing someone got a laugh out of my real-life blooper.

Live Long


Does anyone els…


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