Puppy love Olympic edition

I love the Olympics so very much that I’m thinking about devoting an entire post just about the games.  So for now, while I try to organize those thoughts, here’s my Olympic puppy love list!   Maybe a little silly to some, but sorry I’m not sorry haha.

First off, Michael Phelps.  Yes, yes, yes I know he got caught with the drugs, but I loved him before that and I’ve loved him since.  I swear the man is part fish and his sheer talent is what initially attracted me to him.  22 medals sure ain’t bad sir!  There was a new Michael Phelps at this Olympics.  He wasn’t as amped up and insane like he was in Beijing.  He was more humble about his accomplishments and when things didn’t go the way he would have liked, he never lost that quiet confidence of his.Plus he wears that speedo WELLI don’t think Phelpsy is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen, but he makes my puppy love list because I think he is a beautiful athlete, I’m blown away by what he has done, and there’s just something about him that has always grabbed my attention.  I have loved watching him compete and I will admit, I was depressed the last time he took the medal stand.  He’s just so fun to watch and I will miss screaming encouragements at him through my television or computer.  True story, Brooke and I may have been yelling at our computers while at work when he raced against Lochte.  And I loved every second of it.  So thanks for the memories Phelpsy, and if you decide to come back in Rio, I’ll be THRILLED.Next up is Nathan Adrian.  Now, first of all, I have to put a disclaimer on this and state for the record that my dear ultimate Priscilla has dibs on him.  He belongs to her.  Buuuuut that said, he’s such a babe and deserves to be on here.    That smile!  Those teeth!  That personality!  That height!  Those medals! Stop it Nathan Adrian, just stop it! And, like Phelpsy, he wears that speedo WELL.Next up!  Matt Anderson.  I didn’t know a thing about this guy until this Olympics and for whatever reason, he became my olympic boyfriend.  He’s tall!  He’s cute!  He’s athletic!He’s got swag!And this last picture just makes me laugh.  Let’s pretend it’s for real okay?  Okay! Last but not least is Mr. Ryan Lochte!  Jeah!  Sure he struggles when he gives interviews and he can be a little cocky I think, but shoot, the guy has a reason to be cocky.  He’s an amazing athlete and he’s worked hard to get where he is;  he beat my guy Phelpsy!  That’s talent!  And he’s so cute.  My mom thinks he’s a doll.  Lauren and I agree he’s a babe.  Priscilla thinks he’s hot and if anyone could transform him into a proper dresser and interviewer, it’s her.  So there’s hope for the lad.  Bless his heart.  I see you Mr. Lochte, don’t worry!  And oh yes, he also wears that speedo WELL  So there you have it-my olympic puppy love list.  God bless America, yes?  I’m convinced my future hubby is an olympian.  They’re tall and strong and oh so cute!  I mean, I could wear heels with all 4 of these guys!  Dream come true!  So…RIO 2016 here I come!  Who’s with me!?

Mischief Managed


One thought on “Puppy love Olympic edition

  1. Mrs. Adrian says:

    OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!! OBSESSED! OBSESSED! Loved this so much ❤ Nathan will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine. Bwa ha ha haaaa

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