The Beginnings- A Two Part Series: Part 2- Lauren and Me

I have never believed in love at first sight. Never have, never will. It’s not love. It’s infatuation. I could elaborate on my opinion a bit more, but seeings as that is not the ultimate point of “The Beginnings”, I’ll spare you.

HOWEVER, I have to make an exception for one relationship, one friendship in particular. Oh the shock! Oh Gasp!… So, maybe it wasn’t quite love at first sight, but as you will soon learn, the spark was there, oh was it ever.

In 2007, during the spring semester of my sophomore year, I lived in an all girls dorm. My room was nestled away in a seemingly inconspicuous wing of said dorm. Cloistered away in my little room, I listened to original movie scores and read Jane Austen with devotion and without much interference. I thought I was happy. Bless my little ignorant heart, oh what it didn’t know. Little did I realize true joy resided in another room a few doors down.

One lovely day as I floated along on the sweet sirenic melodies of the 2005 film production of Pride and Prejudice, a stranger came waltzing into my room. The sirens had done their work! The lovely stranger was helpless to resist them. She frolicked her way to my desk, exlaiming she shared the same passion for original film scores and Jane Austen. Oh sweet felicity! A spark was kindled! A seed was planted!

But like prehistoric seeds long dormant, so too our relationship tucked itself away, waiting for the opportune time to bloom. True, true, the roots of our souls had become inextricably intertwined, but we needed water to flourish.

The deluge came that next fall!

As I grew in my relationship with the Lord I sought ways in which I could serve others through campus ministry. Subsequently I joined a campus ministry leadership team during the fall semester of my junior year. At the beginning of the semester the entire leadership team descended upon KC for a retreat and preparation weekend. It was a weekend for growth, guidance, building team unity, and… It was the weekend for the Heavens to rain down upon the bonds that tie, that sproutlet of love waiting to grow into a mighty sequoia.

After several training sessions, whilst quietly and dutifully scribbling on some seemingly important scrap of paper at my table, I felt an urgent pang seize my soul, begging me to cease and desist!

My hand froze. The echo of my pen crashing to the table barely registered in my deaf ears. What was this darkness that had descended upon me!? Why could my eyes not see!? Where had all the people gone? Where had my table gone!? I no longer sat upon a chair. Rolling and heaving beneath my dinghy of despair and delusion was an ocean roaring, surrounding me in confusion. Was I under some spell? What manner of trickery was this? Was I to be lost for all time!? But the water would not claim me for its’ own! It seemed to be urging me onward toward an ever growing light. Blessed rays of hope extended forth to greet me. Soft tendrils of light calmed my quavering soul, brushing the shadows from my eyes. Last waves of the once fearsome darkness glided past my feet, retreating to their home in the deep as I heard the sirenic melodies of old burst into song.  I knew this place. I had been here before! The roots of my soul were beginning to take hold of the rich earth.

And then I saw her…


Was she too late?

Okay, so as you’ve probably guessed by now, there were no rolling waves of despair nor were there any soft tendrils of hope. BUT, time did freeze, all else did fade away, and the crowd did part!

While sitting at my EVER-present table, I did happen to glance up and catch the eye of my long lost kindred spirit seated a mere table away. Boy, what an eye I caught. Not only was Lauren looking at me, what’s more, she was making “moony eyes” at me! Naturally, I was obliged to return the favor. This seemingly trivial and commical exchange of secret looks and blushes continued on for the next fifteen minutes or so until I realized we were not the only two involved. There happened to be a third individual caught in our web of love.

A young man, who by innocent choice of chair and who shall remain nameless, was seated almost directly in my line of sight. At first he was oblivious, scribbling away on his own important piece of paper, but then he sensed he was being watched (though, in this case, I wasn’t watching him, I was merely “secret looking” over his right ear). I won’t fault him for not realizing I wasn’t looking directly at him. When our mutually shocked eyes did meet, everthing was made clear. He looked at me and then glanced over his shoulder. Seeing Lauren howling with laughter was enough to set his mind at ease. He wasn’t going to have to propose that day. Thankfully, all three of us ended the encounter with laughter.

But, as for Lauren and me…. this was merely the bonding experience that solidified and made our true friendship bloom.

Later on, at the start of our spring semester, whilst dining at Famous Dave’s and conversing with our waiter friend, Lauren and I made a delightful discovery. The sirens weren’t finished singing their tune for we were to follow them through the land of Shakespeare arm in arm! We were both signed up to take the same graduate level Comedies of Shakespeare class.

At first what we thought would be all fauns, fairies, frivolity, flutes, flaming passion, frilled speech, feasts, farts, and fun turned out to be something quite different (and yes, those are things to be found in Shakespeare’s comedies).  Every monday night we sat through three torturous hours of swollen heads spewing hot air. To cope, we formed our own sign language and pictograms. So even if we happened to be seated separately we could still communicate and share a secret laugh. And thus, we survived.

Blizzard runs, not for the faint of heart.

The best idea that came from that semester and probably that class, was our decision to be roommates. I will refrain from launching into the tales of the Queens of Apartment 2 for many of them deserve, at the least, their own post. But I will say Lauren became a sister to me during that delightful year. I thank God He brought Lauren into my life and in such a comedic way no less. He knows all of us and our needs. It is my hope, Katie included, that as sisters in Christ, and as the “Three Musketeers” we will glorify the Lord through our friendship.

“A friend loves at all times…” Proverbs 17:17



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