My Lightbulb is a Bully

Last Wednesday I went with my siblings to go see Ben, Duncan, and Dave from The Buried Life.  It was an awesome evening and we got to meet them for a quick second after they spoke.  Suffice it to say, my love for them has only increased after listening to them talk.  And when they met us after, they were so, so nice and Dave even said he liked what I was wearing. We took a picture with them and then went along our merry way.


When I got home, I decided to organize my nightstand and while I was moving some stuff, I accidentaly set my arm across the top of my lamp.  It took a second for my mind to register that my flesh was buring, and when it finally registered, I was stuck with this:


The next morning I was happy because I thought it looked a little bit better:(ignore the fact that my wrist looks broken, I don’t know what was going on with that)


On Friday it got scratched by a sweet little puppy named Chloe. 


And today (Monday) it looks like this:


I don’t know if it is healing, but I do know that the moral of the story is this: nothing good from trying to clean and be organized. 

So there.  🙂

Mischief Managed



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