When Friends Text: Update

Stuffed cardinals and puppies…

Monica: I want a puppy!

Katie: They’re so precious

Monica: I’ll probably end up with a farm of dogs some day haha

Katie: Haha nothing wrong with that! Doggies are wonderful.

Monica: Unless you hoard.

Monica: Stuffed cardinals and puppies.

Katie: I must admit. In my mind when i read that i pictured stuffed cardinals and stuffed puppies. LOL!

Monica: Sitting in the midst of china cabinets filled with said wares rocking in my chair stroking a stuffed puppy with a crazed look in my eye…the future looks bright

Katie: LOL bright indeed! I have the best mental picture going on right now.


One thought on “When Friends Text: Update

  1. Grav Grav says:

    STILL makes me laugh hahaha…stuffed puppies…

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