Equine Soulmate

I’ve long wanted to write a book about the many ways my horse has blessed my life.  An idea will come and I will give it plenty of thought, but so far, I don’t feel like I could do our story justice.  At least not yet. 

Recently when cleaning out my room, I came across a poem I had to write for class about riding Scout, so I’ll just post this while I continue to let story ideas marinate in my brain.  Just so you know, I wrote this in 9th grade I think, so it is far from perfect, but I have decided not to edit it.  So yes, it’s kind of cheesy, and pretty badly written in places, but it does do a great job of showing a glimpse of the love I have for this horse.  So, enjoy!  And don’t judge me too harshly.  🙂


The wind whips my face and it blows in my hair

To shut my eyes I do not dare

And yet for a while my eyes do close

and on my face a smile is froze

For you see I sit upon God’s greatest creature

who is my friend as well as well as my teacher

When I shut my eyes, I’m aware of one sound

the rhythmical 1-2-3 beat of Scout’s feet on the ground

My eyes open; we’ve left everything in the dust

for after speed my beautiful friend does lust

The path ahead is flight and straight

and up ahead I vaguely see the gate

As I give Scout a nudge with my spur

the trees and grass go by in a blur

We go so fast it is like we are flying

and my eyes tear up as if I’m crying

But if I were crying they would be tears of joy

for I so love my beautiful boy

I shut my eyes one final time and hear that wonderful sound

of Scout’s steady 1-2-3 hoofbeats pounding on the ground.




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