When Friends Text: Update

Stuffed cardinals and puppies…

Monica: I want a puppy!

Katie: They’re so precious

Monica: I’ll probably end up with a farm of dogs some day haha

Katie: Haha nothing wrong with that! Doggies are wonderful.

Monica: Unless you hoard.

Monica: Stuffed cardinals and puppies.

Katie: I must admit. In my mind when i read that i pictured stuffed cardinals and stuffed puppies. LOL!

Monica: Sitting in the midst of china cabinets filled with said wares rocking in my chair stroking a stuffed puppy with a crazed look in my eye…the future looks bright

Katie: LOL bright indeed! I have the best mental picture going on right now.


It won’t be long…

Dear Texas weather and Nature in general,

One of my strongest desires right now is for you to let out the floodgates of snow. Snow dang it! Snow! I’m aiming high in the wishes right now because you have yet to allow the temperature to stay underneath 50 degrees and it’s November 20. Oh sigh.

Enclosed are some pictures of some of the awesome things you can do when it’s snowy outside:

Double for Your Trouble

Earlier today Lauren and I (Monica) regaled one another with tales of the miscreant deeds of our youths. This topic was inspired by a video of a young actress recounting her near suspension from school. Naturally, in my mind I was replacing her face with Lauren’s. I could only assume she would have a similar story to share; so I posed the question, “Were you ever suspended?”. The following is the subsequent verbatim conversation/ telling of said miscreant deeds brought forth (possibly for the first time) by the simple inquiry.

  • Lauren: Were you? I never got a detention or anything…I have this vague recollection of getting in trouble for something. I know I got sent out of class once in the 7th grade…and I got in trouble during choir once because I was frustrated with the teacher and had an attitude.
  • Lauren: I went into the in school suspension room once…but I think it was to drop something off.
  • Lauren: Shoot, I remember now….I hated going to class, so I’d use my executive board of Student Council pass to excuse myself. Of course, then I’d be a good kid and actually carry out duties. I didn’t want a guilty conscience.
  • Monica: No, i was never suspended, but I did get two detentions in high school for excessive tardiness. However, I didn’t mind because I thought detention was fun! I remember being sent to sit in the hall a few times. I got a pink card (those were bad) in 4th grade. Hmmm, what else? OH, in kindergarten I was almost touched with Mrs. Lindholm’s magic wand (evil magic wand mmrmrerrermm) for blurting out an answer to a question posed to a fellow classmate. It’s not my fault the little pip squeak couldn’t count, yeesh!
  • Monica: My junior year Mr. McClure put me in my place for sassing at him during class…but all of those PALE in comparison to being sent to the principal’s office several times when I was homeschooled. And who was the principal you ask? Dad. dun dun duuuunnn…
  • Monica: HAHAHA! well, I too used my status of being Ms. Music/ 1st chair viola my junior and senior years to excuse my (once again) tardiness to class, Mr. McClure’s class (junior year) no less. Poor poor Mr. McClure. Thankfully, he actually did like me and was really nice to boot. But Jenna and I would get lost in our music, making sweet cello and viola harmonies and playing piano, I just couldn’t help myself! Artists must create! You can’t put a limit on creativity! Give me liberty or give me death! Justice! Justice! Justice!
  • Monica: And I say “Ms. Music/ 1st chair viola” to merely make a point about my royal princess high school brain; because I was NOT a great section leader. Oh heavens, I think I remember on several occasions wacking my stand partner over the head with rolled up sheets of music. “Get it right! You’re so stupid!” I may have even threatened him with my bow a time or two. “You play that note wrong one more time and I WILL dirk you!”
  • Lauren: I guess I should think on elementary school days as well. In Kindergarten I kissed Reed Smith on the cheek and got in trouble; the following week I kissed Ryan McConnell on the cheek and got a frowny face on our behavior ticket; I was mortified and never kissed again…until 7th grade. In first grade, I did a cartwheel in the hall once and got written up for it; the teacher who turned me in was on my list for the rest of my Maranatha days and I never looked at her the same…what kind of justice is that! I was 7 and had unused energy from being forced to sit at a desk all day! I will not be tamed!
  • Lauren: In 2nd grade, I had to write 50 lines for talking during Bible hour. I believe I had some other thing as well but I can’t remember.
  • Lauren: In 3rd grade, I was sent to the principals office because I wrote a story for class and apparently it had inappropriate content in it. One of my classmates was offended and thought I was trying to match her up with one of our other classmates when, in reality, I had been lazy and used names of people I knew rather than create new ones. I don’t know if I ever told my parents about this.
  • Lauren: In 4th grade, I talked in the hall when my teacher specifically told us not to say anything in the hall. I made a comment to her, which I thought was justified but she disagreed. Details. Details.
  • Lauren: In 5th grade…Oh 5th grade was the Year of the Rebellion.
  • Lauren: I was told to redo my science project (when, really…my dad is the one who built the wheelbarrow for me. He didn’t trust me with nails…or maybe it was glue and he still didn’t trust me.) The teach said some mean things about my mom, and …I did the the only thing I knew to be my Ace card….I told my mom. It was full on rebellion after that. I’m serious. Students rallied together, a group of us STAYED IN from recess and wrote letters to the principal for the injustice we were receiving. Little did I know, my poor teacher was going through the roughest time of her life. Did not excuse her taking it out on 11 year olds, but as a 24 year old, I can understand her better.
  • Lauren: After the rebellion in 5th grade, I discovered a love for the adrenaline rush that rebellion brings (I had yet to understand what being a Christian really means… I understood grace because my parents unconditionally loved me through my li…oness ways, but I didn’t get that justification of my own sins was not okay. That’s another story entirely.) So because of this blossoming love for freedom and expressing my opinion, I found ways to avoid abiding by the rules. Tuck in my shirt? No way! Words can’t be on my shirt? All it says is American Eagle! I’ll wear PICTURES! We can’t wear shoes without backs to them?? (But clogs were IN FASHION!) I debated with my principal and won the rights to wear clogs…they do, in fact, have a tiny tiny back on the heel. Miniature, but it counted.
  • Lauren: You know, I bet Maranatha was ecstatic when I left.
  • Lauren: Monica, you and I are two peas in a pod.
  • Monica: Woooow. I never really went as far as staging a coup, but I think that’s simply because I was care free-happy go lucky-the world is rainbows and make believe until 6th grade. Then I was served a huge helping of the fallen real world pie (That didn’t taste so great, but the after taste now is strangely pleasant and it’s been made sweet all thanks to Jesus!). After that, well, I went into turtle mode more or less. Plus, I had an innate drive to please my parents. And I really didn’t like getting in trouble. Not to say i didn’t test things from time to time, obviously. Detention is fun! Yay! I want more detentions! haha
  • Monica: One detention was in the library. Sit in the aisle and read history and art books for the entire hour all by myself!? Don’t mind if i do! The other was in the biology/ chem room. 50 gallon tank full of cute colorful tropical fish!? Oh yes please! Plus that meant I didn’t have to take homework home.
  • Monica: Yes, I would have to say we are peas. But even peas in a pod are different. 🙂

All kidding aside…

In regards to the pea pod analogy and on a more personal note, I (once again Monica) would have to add I believe with all my heart God has blessed me doubly for being faithful after losing my dearest friend in 6th grade (hence the fallen-real world-pie reference). During that time I would have never been able to foresee any of the blessings God had in store for me. But that’s kind of the point isn’t it? It’s all part of the process of discovering who God is and who He has created you to be for His glory. He encourages us in His word to, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” (Psalm 34:8) The Lord promises our lives are in His sovereign hands if we will simply seek Him, His will, and ultimately His glory. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,’ declares the Lord…” (Jeremiah 29:11-14) Whilst riding on the wings of such glorious hope the Lord graciously chose to place two beautiful women, Lauren and Katie, in my life. Double for my trouble (crushing heartbreak), if you will. Words cannot describe. God is so good, to Him be all the glory! It truly is miraculous how he orchestrates the meetings of three beings living far from each other, but who seem to share the same soul, being extensions of one another. Cheesy as it may seem, Lauren, Katie, and I are three little peas nestled safely in the pod of our Saviour Jesus Christ’s love. Thank you Jesus!

Puppy Love

After watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers last night, I recalled a few crushes I had as a young girl. Googling pictures for these guys was pretty hilarious (in my own mind…things are typically funnier in solitude, I guess.)

Prince Eric. He started the whole fascination with dark hair and light eyes I believe. A five year old doesn’t care that Eric is only a cartoon.

Ben from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Not Jeff Richards who plays Ben. Rugged AND handsome? I wanted to be Dorcas. She got Ben.(She was also tall, and one of my dreams in elementary school was to be tall.)

Watching the movie now, I don’t mind Dorcas, but I don’t want to be her. I like Liza better. And while Ben still holds a place in my heart…I think Frank is the much better choice. He’s rugged, handsome, AND can dance?! (And do aerials!)



Ben: Far left in the orange ; Frank:Middle in the red.

To my credit and to make younger Lauren seem less shallow, I knew their character was good in order for the leading ladies to like them. I was trusting in their judgement, and the boys do seem respectable and teachable.

And last but not least (mainly because no one else has come to mind yet):

Ah, Sully. I loved watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman with my mom. Not only was Dr. Quinn great, there was a guy named Loren (for some reason, I was proud that my name was unisex), and there was Sully. He was resourceful, friend of the Natives, and he had a wolf. (In reality, his canine companion was definitely NOT a wolf.) And look at that hair. There was nothing I could do to keep this crush from forming. I was ill prepared.

Now that I look back, apparently you had to have great hair to make it on my “Worthy” list. And live in the 1800’s.

No wonder I love history. Way to go Mutti and Stephanie (my sister owned the musicals) for helping introduce history lessons in a positive way. 😉

Mom, do you remember me raving about anyone else? I’d be interested to see your perspective on Little Lauren.

Equine Soulmate

I’ve long wanted to write a book about the many ways my horse has blessed my life.  An idea will come and I will give it plenty of thought, but so far, I don’t feel like I could do our story justice.  At least not yet. 

Recently when cleaning out my room, I came across a poem I had to write for class about riding Scout, so I’ll just post this while I continue to let story ideas marinate in my brain.  Just so you know, I wrote this in 9th grade I think, so it is far from perfect, but I have decided not to edit it.  So yes, it’s kind of cheesy, and pretty badly written in places, but it does do a great job of showing a glimpse of the love I have for this horse.  So, enjoy!  And don’t judge me too harshly.  🙂


The wind whips my face and it blows in my hair

To shut my eyes I do not dare

And yet for a while my eyes do close

and on my face a smile is froze

For you see I sit upon God’s greatest creature

who is my friend as well as well as my teacher

When I shut my eyes, I’m aware of one sound

the rhythmical 1-2-3 beat of Scout’s feet on the ground

My eyes open; we’ve left everything in the dust

for after speed my beautiful friend does lust

The path ahead is flight and straight

and up ahead I vaguely see the gate

As I give Scout a nudge with my spur

the trees and grass go by in a blur

We go so fast it is like we are flying

and my eyes tear up as if I’m crying

But if I were crying they would be tears of joy

for I so love my beautiful boy

I shut my eyes one final time and hear that wonderful sound

of Scout’s steady 1-2-3 hoofbeats pounding on the ground.