Help Harry Help Others

“He has grasped in just a few short years what many struggle to see in a lifetime…that life outside of oneself is more full, more satisfying than a life turned only inwards. Looking within oneself is  meaningless if one stops there. Purpose is seen when looking beyond what you can do for yourself, beyond the here and now. There is a bigger picture, a picture Harry clearly sees and strives to improve. He has painted the picture more vividly and in the time he has been given, he searches for more colors to add, to make the picture of life more vivid…to find all the colors that should be there even if he does not see the final product in this lifetime. He gives to us so that someday another being may have the resources to experience what Harry would have.” My journal October 6, 2011.

Harry Moseley died last night.  Here is his website. Pray for his family and that people will see God’s glory and love and have no doubt that He does in fact love His creation.

Lauren out.



I have about 20 minutes to write this all out, so it will be rushed…and it will contain errors. Here you go, Mom, correct all my errors like I’ve corrected your grammar for years! (Love you!)

Life seems so much more eventful when you live life during the day and crazy adventures happen to you at night. My brain can’t stop creating.

The first dream I remember being so vivid was when I was 7 or 8 years old. I dreamt that my friend Kristen and I were kidnapped by blue dragons who took us to this tall wooden tower. Now that I think about it, why would a dragon live in a wooden tower that he could easily set on fire? Anyway, Kristen fell in love with a dragon, and I remember singing Don’t Speak by No Doubt. I guess that’s where all  the weirdness began.

Katie and I have compared our dreams recently, and it seems her dreams typically involve some huge adventure while mine stick to the genre “independent.” Hers are filled with stunts, helicopters, and explosions…mine might have one of those epic events, but I end up focusing on my lost bag…and the adventure is finding my bag and meeting random people along the way. (That’s not just an example either. A lot of times I lose my bag in the airport or on a plane. One time, the plane detached into two parts and my bag was on the side I was not on. I spent the rest of the dream wondering if the Zimbabwean airport would have a fax machine so Mom could send me a copy of my birth certificate and passport. The fact that the plane became two parts did not concern me. You know…I dream about airports and planes a lot. Once I smuggled diamonds out of a Russian airport into Romania by making the diamonds “braces” for my teeth. Dream interpreter, please?)

 A few nights ago, the world suffered from a Zombie Apocalypse. This may seem action/adventure, but there wasn’t a lot of action going on since for most of the dream we were in an underground warehouse with tunnels attached that resembled airport terminal connectors (again with the airport.) It was more horror/ sci-fi really because the zombies were intelligent and creating an army. After I woke up, I had some choice words with my mother about going outside during this sort of invasion (this is the second dream that she has done this…although, I should give her some credit since in the second dream, she only left because Granma insisted.) Later in the week, I became friends with the snake who played Nagini in the Harry Potter movies, and last night I went to a horse show and ended up running into James Phelps and Bonnie Wright (from Harry Potter) and had a chat with them. Apparently I had insulted them earlier in the day. This wasn’t our first meeting? Hmm. Thankfully they were forgiving because we ended up being fairly good friends by the conclusion of the dream. I also ruined a take of this one scene-did I mention that I ended up on one of the sets of Harry Potter while this was going on?- and I didn’t care too much because I realized the scene that was being filmed was not even in the book. In fact, I was proud I ruined it. This director was not even David Yates and did not have any knowledge of the books. I about kicked her.

If I ever say I have writer’s block/can’t think of a story…just point me to my dreams.

Live Long and Prosper my friends.

Lauren out.