Not for the faint of heart

Today marks the beginning of a new section. As many of you probably know, or don’t, there happens to be a website entitled, “When Parents Text”. Bless their ever loving hearts, parents try, they really do. Their attempts make for much amusement. But who says their spawn aren’t also blunder prone or amusing? To demonstrate this, we three will begin to post various texting conversations we have. No, no, you don’t need to run to the closet and hide for fear of what we might say. I promise only small snippets will be shared otherwise our sanity may be called into question…So here goes nothing. This is not for the faint of heart. Read if you dare.

And to kick things off, let’s begin with a convo which took place on the ides of march, many ages ago, when the air was rank with the scents of battle….Not really….

Katie is gone to Yellostone National Park

Monica: “I think I might drive to your house this weekend, lay down in your drive, rend my clothes, slather myself in ashes, and go all dances with wolves wailing widow… when you return i’ll still be there wasted away to nearly nothing, forlorn and bedraggled.”

Katie: “LOL oooh my goodness! LOL! That would be the most amazing thing. LOL! You can use Scout and Country if you want.”

Monica: “You’ll swoop down, cradle my matted head in your lap, dribble water onto my parched/ cracked lips and I’ll hoarsely whisper, ‘you came for me’…to which you’ll stroke my head and say, ‘of course I did my love. Everything is ok. I’m here now…'”

Katie: “I bet I look mad…I’m walking downtown, alone, laughing to myself. lol”

Monica: “Eh, start bweeheewaahahahaha-ing and they’ll start wondering. If an asylum van rolls up pull some evasive maneuvers and run like a bat out of you know where.”


Going Native

Katie: “There’s a cowboy bar here and the barstools are saddles!! LOVE IT!”

Katie: “The saddles were so cool! And they had a grizzly in there that a man killed with his bare hands.”

Monica: “It was actually me. I haven’t said anything before because i’m trying to be humble about it.”

Katie: “You’re so cool monica! It says you cut off his windpipe with your elbow and used your teeth to bite his jugular. Then when he passed out, you beat him over the head with a stick! You’re so brave!”

Monica: “I learned all that in 4-H.”

Katie: “Who knew that someday you’d have to use that to kill a bear?”

Monica: “Well, I did. But there again I didn’t tell anyone.”


One thought on “Not for the faint of heart

  1. Katie says:

    Makes me laugh still! Hahahaha!

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