Jumping on the Bandwagon

I recently had a discussion with one of my friends about people who refuse to like things just because it’s become popular. This is a thought I have frequently, partially due to the fact that I aim to be extremely intentional with my life and also because one of my pet peeves is duplicity.

With that said:

Dear Diary… Only kidding. Diary entries? Sure this could be life from my perspective in diary format, but I learned quickly to never keep a diary—excuse me, journal. I was the child who wrote everything down everyday religiously, so excited about all the new life experiences—and three years later I’d return to that chapter of my life and look upon the pages with horror at how shallow I had been or how many boys I’d had a crush on or remember the parties I’d gone to and what I talked about with my friends, etc….

For shame.

I was only satisfied when all the pages had been ripped from the spine and thoroughly destroyed in order to ensure that no one ever knew that part of me. I had an aversion to writing real life experiences down for a very long time.

So naturally I now turn to doing the exact opposite of my fear by posting entries online.

Blogging therapy.

Blogging was never on my bucket list, despite majoring in creative writing, but now that I am out experiencing the world, I’ve decided it’s a fine time to start actually using the degree I spent hours stressing about when I had three papers due on the same day, plus thousands of pages of reading left to do because I had procrastinated. (I got smarter my junior year.)

A study break, senior year. We never took pictures of us actually studying, but I promise we did.

The result of too much studying and not enough sleep.

Here is a big “thank you!” to my wonderful parents who did not freak out when I told them I was going to move to Texas to become a wrangler at Pine Cove and NOT use my education professionally. I’m sure many would agree that a writer is not defined by his/her profession. Anyone can write about experiences in life, which is what I plan to do here…and I will be joined by a couple friends actually.

Thank you, Jesus, for my two dear friends, Katie and Monica, who are willing to go through this with me. They are just as crazy as I am. Really, they are. We are like the same soul represented in different paintings by the same Artist. Different story, same heart.

I hope everyone is privileged to share life with their own Katies and Monicas of the world.

"Got it!"

A best friend would never bail on you, no matter what obstacle was in the way!


Lauren signing off. Until the next time!


2 thoughts on “Jumping on the Bandwagon

  1. Katie Sedai says:

    Awwww oh my goodness I love it. I got all teary eyed reading that. I am so blessed to have YOU in my life Lauren Sedai. Love love love you!!

  2. Mary Benson says:

    Positive proof you are a writer.

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